HerzoBase+World of Sports


PROJECT NAME HerzoBase+World of Sports
LOCATION herzogenaurach . germany
PROGRAM corporate headquarters . sports facilities . industrial and commercial zone . housing
CLIENT adidas-solomon ag . city of herzogenaurach
SIZE site 168 ha . gross floor area 273.080 m2
SCOPE architecture . urban design
TEAM bernd lederle . thom mayne / morphosis . marni nelko . architecture
STATUS competition entry 06 . 1999

purchase prize . international urban design competition


the world of sports is by necessity made up of two dynamic systems; the physical dynamics of the sporting events and the structural dynamics of the company. adidas has survived and prospered not through rigidity and predictability but through a creative and dynamic openness allowing the potential for invention,evolution and growth. it is critical that the world of sports embody and thereby enforce these qualities. the two dynamic systems are therefore manifested in two building systems; the headquarters system extending southward, emerging from existing structures and the sports facilities extending northward, emerging from the open landscape.