Incheon City Tower


PROJECT NAME Incheon City Tower
LOCATION incheon . south korea
PROGRAM landmark . culture, sports and entertainment . hospitality . retail . panoramic ride
CLIENT korea land corporation
SIZE tower height 455m . site area 110.425 m2 .
SCOPE architecture . urban design . landscape
TEAM archimedialab . w/ jonas beer . hamid dulovic
STATUS international design competition completed . concept

"the central idea and concept of this project is to bring together, the city, region and country, to interact with the immediate surrounding environment and to reflect on its central position in the region in a way the elements of the sam taeguek manifest the position of the individual within their universe. interwoven elements of landscape, water and built environment bring together cultural activity, sports and entertainment, hospitality and retail facilities in the built landscape at he base of the tower structure. access to the tower is by means of a panoramic ride - a vertical train to interact with all of the city of cheongnam, the region and the country of korea. while the train ascends in a 360 degree rotation around the tower, it rises past stops at seoul suite, taipei lounge, shanghai room, hong kong hall, beijing bistro, tokyo terrace, busan bar, osaka room, etc to underpin city tower‘s claim as the gateway to asia with facilities in the respective directions. this ride with two corresponding trains is slowly winding its way up/down and around the tower between the sunken garden level at -12m and the observation deck on level +450m with several tentative stops at intermediate elevations."