Hefei China Cinda Desaster Recovery and Backup Center Center


PROJECT NAME Hefei China Cinda Desaster Recovery and Backup Center Center
LOCATION huizhou ave . binhu new area . hefei . anhui . china
PROGRAM data center . research center . call center . accommodation
CLIENT china cinda asset management co. ltd
SIZE gross floor area 100.822 m2 . site area 55.600 m2 . f a r 1.6 / 2.6 . green rate 32% . parking spaces 607
SCOPE architecture . landscape design . interior design . fire prevention . building physics
TEAM Bernd Lederle - UDG China
COST 799.000.000 rmb ¥ . 125.700.000 usd . 94.470.000 eur
STATUS competition 08 . 2011
AWARDS finalist . invited design competition
CONCEPT "Garden – City – Garden For centuries Hefei had been protected and secured by a fortification wall that surrounded the old city. In 1949 Huancheng Park was established when the old city wall was demolished and an ensuing new belt park was created, that embraced both the old town and the new urban developments like a green necklace. With a number of additional pleasant parks and gardens this established the town’s reputation as “Garden City”. Our „City Garden“ for the Cinda Campus is a continuous garden roofscape that rises from the landscape, connecting a series of structures that are grouped around the IT- Center at the core of this campus to form a secure perimeter around most of the site. "