Hankou Bank Data Center and Service Center


PROJECT NAME Hankou Bank Data Center and Service Center
LOCATION wudayuan 3rd rd . wuhan . hubei . china
PROGRAM data center . research center . call center . accommodation
CLIENT hankou bank . wuhan . china
SIZE gross floor area 34.483 m2 . site area 25.311 m2 . f a r 1.4 . green rate 31% . 300 parking spaces
SCOPE architecture . landscape . data center
TEAM Bernd Lederle - UDG China . architecture . Syska Hennesey . data center engineering
COST 495.000.000 rmb . 77.600.000 usd . 56.500.000 eur
STATUS competition 08.2001

1. prize . invited design competition


"Secret Terraced Garden – Eroded Perimeter The data center is at the core of this design. A sequence of independent buildings around the perimeter of the site form an enclosure that facilitates establishing the required security for the operation of the data center. The buildings connect on various levels, to provide a cohesive appearance and sublime presence. A single continuous roof unites the entire campus. Strategic cuts in this seemingly continuous enclosure stimulate interaction on various levels allow to establish a relationship with the outside, provide a sense of openness without compromising the security issues. Our main goal with for this project is to design a state of the art facility that not only offers a unique presence and sublime appearance, but also allows optimized economic operation that is environmentally responsible. Considering the expected life cycle of the data center and the remaining facility it becomes evident, that a strong emphasis has to be put on the sustainable aspect of the design. This will not only reduce the environmental impact of energy intensive operation of the facility, but plays an equally significant role to considerably minimize operation cost. "